Monday, January 30, 2012

already the end of the month?

Wow, I cannot belive that its the end of Jan. already.
ALOT has been going on as usual. Today we have bunches of new products. Lots of really cool candy (my weakness) and some toys. I know alot of my customers will be happy that we are getting toys in.

I am currently working on my email newsletter. Hopefully I can get it out no later than tomorrow afternoon. I just got off the phone with our new glass blower, he will be sending me pics tomorrow of a few things that he will be making for us. I would like to get some glass in before Valentines Day-its just a goal.

OMG, wanna hear something funny? Chandria and I went to XXX stores on Saturday! She wanted to check out their sex toy displays (she orders those for her employer). I am always up for something fun. I drive by them all the time and I will admit that at first, I thought that they were going to be seedy shops but they werent. They were really nice, clean, smelled good, the employees were really nice and it was well lit. It actually was pretty cool. It just so happens that alot of our local XXX stores now sell smoking accessories. A year ago, they werent (I know this because I contacted them all). So it was actually a very productive day. And I am looking forward to calling these shops this week. Or maybe I will just pop in and drop off some samples.

It doesnt really bother me to be in those shops even tho I do not frequent them. I used to sell that stuff years ago when I used to work for a smoke shop....but some things have changed since then. I was looking for something weird and funny (not nasty) to put in the downstairs guest bathroom. The best that I came up with was a weird magazine from the 70's that is all about tickling feet. Its so stupid, that is why its perfect for that room. I call that bathroom the "library", coz I always try to keep weird and interesting reading material in there.

I have had enough of a break now......back to work