etsy interrogation photos (Wed. Dec. 14, 2011)


A guy named Jacob called me from your office. I told him what I am going thru with Etsy. I gave him your name and he said that he will get in touch with you. He also said that my store should be reinstated and it shouldnt be a problem.

I am unsure if Jacob called me in referrence to the phone call I made to the Etsy office. Or in referrence to the email that I sent to Chad (the CEO of Etsy). But I was very happy that he called me. He was very nice. I did let him know that I had to take all of these photos and that I posted them here for you.

I was having trouble downloading the pics on hotmail. They will only let you add pics if you had them online or if it was clipart (Weird). I am VERY upset that someone on the Etsy blog complained about my products saying that I didnt make them myself....I will NEVER post to an Etsy blog again if I get reinstated. I SWEAR!!

Anyways, here are the pics you requested. All of the Sweet Leaf products are products that I manufacture right here in my home...I ONLY listed on etsy products that I manufacture myself (by hand). Even tho I have lots of ingredients for products, I manufacture in small batches. Other ingredients are used for some research on some new products that I want to come out with.

I try to make products prior to receiving orders. That way, the product is ready to go when the order comes in. I try to be VERY efficient since I am just one person working alone.

these are my empty glass roller bottles on the left. I use those for my body oils. There are also some filled body oils next to them in the green box

there is my funnel and dropper to fill the bottles and 6 bottles of oil for the body oils

these are the stickers that we had made for our Sweet Leaf Incense

unscented incense that we buy in bulk

labels and incense bags

yes, I manually pre-label our bags to save production time for later

this whole thing is FULL of molds!!!! (to be used for wax)

my crazy office. I do some work on this small table, there are 2 other tables in my office but I didnt photograph them cuz they are FULL of Christmas junk

already packaged incense that I myself packaged.

After my incense are made and dried they are stored like this. *prior to packaging

this is my shipping center. (I used to be part of the dining room-lol) notice the scale on the top. next to it are 2 white shelves w/ pullout baskets with packaged incense and hempwick ready to go. They also contain packaging supplies, etc

 these are the cards that I staple on the top of the incense bags. to the right of that is a box of maui wowee loose incense sticks and on top of a container that reads "rejects". Those are incense sticks that will not go out to customers, for different reasons I rejected them. I do try to keep quality control Behind the box of cards is a white binder. I refer to it as my "BIBLE" since it has ALL of my oil blend recipes in it. As well as some other things that I will be trying out for possible future products.
 these are jars of incense oils. I make my incense in small batches. the sticks are placed into these containers with the oil for 4 days to soak. I have plenty of inventory right now. Which is why I have nothing currently soaking.
same stuff

more incense oils that I blended myself into the scents of incense that I create.

these are samples of oils that we use to create  new scents

more sample oils

vybar, wicks, mold release. salt (to make body salts). In the future, I would like to come out with bath salts, room sprays and candle tarts (maybe also candles-not sure yet).

more things to use in wax

vybar-used in soy wax to make it firm. Next to it is a bag of Steric Acid.

heat sealer,heat gun that we use to shrink wrap hempwick. Also, we have a burner in here if we need it.

These 2 pics are incense that are ready to be packaged when I am ready for them. Since I have plenty of inventory on hand, its not necessary to package these right now.

this is the already dyed and balled hempwick that we recieve from an outside source. This is what they look like prior to them being put into BEESWAX and packaged by me.

these balls of hempwick have already been coated in beeswax and are already packaged and waiting for customers to order. When the hemp is coated in beeswax, it darkens the color of the product. Currently, we are out of beeswax. Otherwise, I would have photographed it for you. I do not want to have to order more until I need it.

both of these containers have DPG in them (needed to make incense)

fragrance oils. Used for mixing up our oil scents that we soak our incense in.  This oil can also be used in wax.

even more oil

more oil. And the container with the spout on it is DPG

these are all empty bottles of oils that I have used...I recycle.
 I will eventually reuse these bottles somehow.

This is a wax melting pot. I have 4 of them. I use 2 of them for the beeswax and 2 for soy wax

this is a box that contains 50 pounds of soy wax in a large green bag. I prefer to buy in bulk, I get a better price break.

LAST WORDS (added on Thursday Dec. 15, 2011):

I do not know what else to tell you....I think that this is alot of evidence to prove to you that I DO manufacture my own products. 

And I am a bit upset that I had to go thru all of this to prove to you that I do manufacture my products myself and I feel that the way I have been treated by Etsy is unfair. Do other people have to go thru this too? If so, your division may want to re-think how they are investigating someone.

This has been a pain in the butt and now I am on the 2nd day with out a Etsy store. I expect Etsy to make this right. After all, I am an ETSY CUSTOMER! I do expect Etsy to provide proper customer service in regards to this matter. You would think that Etsy would want to retain me as a customer. And I expect a prompt resolution. After all, this is what Customer Service is about.

In the event that my store is not reinstated, I want a FULL REFUND of the bill that I have just paid.
I expect someone to contact me today in regards to this!!!

* And as I indicated in a previous email to you, when my shop gets reinstated I will delete this page.