Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am so happy that its a NEW year! I this time of year, I always think about friends and family that are no longer with us (deceased). And then I remind myself that they would want me to be happy and prosperous.

I stopped making personal resolutions years ago. I do make them for the business, but not personally for myself. For me it was a wise decision, I NEVER keep my resolutions and then I get bummed out and feel like a loser. So by not having any, I feel better about myself not making some weird goal. My husband Tommy on the other hand, likes making resolutions that he cant keep-lol. This year his resolution is to: try to get to bed by midnight. He usually comes to bed at 2 or 3AM. He stays up and works at night. So far this year, he has NOT made it to bed ONCE by midnight. See what I mean?

As far as Divaworks goes, its been wonderfully busy here. A few things are going on....  We have a NEW product, Buzz Brownies.  These are made by the Sippin' Syrup Relaxation Beverages and Brownie guys. They are awesome and great tasting too. They give you alot of energy. They are also flying outta here. They are selling SO fast that I only have 10 boxes left. Of course, I have more being shipped to me.  I have decided this morning to have one with a cup of coffee for breakfast. I have tried the brownies and they do work.  But, I have never had one with a cup of coffee before, this should have me FLYING thru my morning. I hope I enjoy it and get alot of work done-lol.

We also have some other products in the making. I do not want to say too much right now about it. But I will give you a hint: GLASS. I have been against carrying any kind of glass because I didnt want to deal with breakage. But I am getting over that and I now know how to ship and pack glass. I am working with a bad-ass glass blower (IN AMERICA--THANK YOU!).

Remember at Christmas time I said, 'If you are a vegetarian, do not come by my house'.Well, I'll be damned! My brother brought a girl by my house that is a 'vegetarian'--ugh. No offense to her, she is a nice girl but she couldnt eat alot of our stuff coz mostly everything has meat in it. I even put pork in the beans! Every year, my brother Miles drags some poor girl over to our house for Thanksgiving. He claims that they ALL really want to be here. I always wonder about that. Here is the funny thing, after we meet them on Thanksgiving, there is a 50/50 chance that I will never see them again-lol.   Regardless, its like a little family joke that its another holiday that must mean that its time to meet another girlfriend. Dont get me wrong, they are all very nice ladies. But sometimes you never know whats going to show up-lol.  Luckily, they have all been really sweet.
Gotta go for now, I need to make some coffee.....

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