Tuesday, December 27, 2011

AHHH-Christmas is OVER!!

Usually, I have my act together. I usually have Christmas ready to go weeks in advance. But NOT this year. I was one of those people buying gifts on Xmas Eve. I have never done that before and it was CRAZY! Family mostly got gift certificates from me but I did get my brothers current girlfriend some perfume.

My brother Miles gave me this old pic of me and my late mother (taken in 1968). What is funny, is what she wrote on the back. She wrote:

Rochelle 10 1/2 months old.
She doesnt look like she belongs to me-she's so fair :(

*yeah, the frown face is on their too...lol. My mom is latina and my dad is a fair skinned white guy-ha. I have my mothers looks but my dads fair white skin. Which was always weird to me. I am the whitest person in my family. I am so white that I cant get any sun or I burn to a crisp and freckle! Its a horrible curse to have. My younger brother got the pretty skin color--yeah, I am jelous.

Being a white skinned latina has its ups and downs. The white people think you are mexican. The mexicans think you are white....you can never win. But in a way, it can be fun too. I like it when people do not know that I can understand them when they speak spanish and they start talking about me - right in front of me too and in spanish. I love the look on their faces when I butt in and start speaking spanish to them. Its priceless.

Work has been fun today. The brownie company that we distribute with, is releasing a new brownie this week. Its called 'Buzz Brownies'. They have caffiene in them! They are really tasty too. I cant wait to place my first order tomorrow. They look almost identical to the Sippin' Syrup Half Baked Brownies that we currently carry. I already know that all of the Gas Pipe stores will definately be carrying them. As soon as they send me a pic of the new brownies, I will post it here for you..

I had to take this photo--my dogs crack me up. The dogs go to the fence and look thru the knot holes a tthe neighbors dogs. Its their version of a peep show. Usually all 3 of them are looking thru the fence, but I only got the 2 in the picture.

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