Thursday, December 15, 2011

etsy etsy etsy ...... tisk tisk tisk

Oh geez, I have had a crazy 24 hours!!

Etsy closed down my store yesterday because they accused me of not creating and manufacturing the items that I sell in my Etsy store myself. Supposedly all of this started because I made a post on their business community forum about "advertising". Someone "reported" me and stated that they think I have a manufacturing company with employees...yada yada yada.

I had to take photos of all of my materials and had to tell them how I manufactured my products in order to be reinstated today.

In a way, it feels like I won a small victory. But yes, they DID reinstate my store and for that I am grateful. But what a pain in the butt that was for that to happen. I really think that Etsy should call the customer and find out some info before just closing someones shop with no warning. Their customer service department needs some help to say the least.

Now that you know all I have gone thru to keep my Etsy store, get over there and buy something. Show me your support!

I think that I will call my friend Nicole for a Happy Hour today.  I am such a light weight, I only consume one drink. But I think that I deserve it today.

*This is a pic of Cash & Ziggy at day-care (Austin Dogtown), they LOVE it there. Cant you tell by the smiles on their faces? Since we do not have children, we refer to this pic as a "School Picture"

*All 3 boys patiently waiting for Tommy to come home.

And we cant leave out our Ozzy.

On a better note, My husband Tommy is working from home today (tele-commuting). The dogs LOVE it when he works from home.

There was this crazy quilt that I started for my husband 3 or 4 years ago and never finished. So yesterday, since I was in such a great mood (NOT) I broke out my sewing machine and finished it for him as a Christmas gift. And since I am horrible at keeping secrets, I gave it to him last night. He loved it (yipee).

All of that sewing got me thinking.  It would be great if I had some time to sew. I want to make some new potholders for myself. If I made them and sold them on Etsy, I would have to photograph my sewing machine, thread and material. And I would STILL have to prove that I made them. I never knew that I would have to go thru so much crap to sell incense on Etsy.

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