Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I am giving myself a headache

Ahhhh.....Tuesday. After work yesterday, I went on a brainstorming mission...

I am looking for new ways to promote our Etsy store. Think that I will start doing giveaways on other blogs (that are very active) to get people to start checking out our etsy shop and it will also get me some feedback on our product. IF you have any ideas, comment on this and let me know.

My brother Miles called last night. He is really into Nissans, he is even in a Nissan car club in San Antonio. Anyways, they have a charity event in April (during Fiesta in San Antonio) and I am thinking about getting a booth for it and selling our Sweet Leaf products to generate some buzz. I actually hate doing those things, but I can see how it would be helpful. Its still an idea. And its 4 months away so I have plenty of time. But I probably will do it.

Follow up: Chandria didnt show up on Sunday. She worked too late. But she will show up later in the week (on her day off). AWESOME

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